SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Data Taxonomy (Content Type Hub) Design Documentation

CollectiveKnowledge Solutions (CKS) has led the successful implementation of more than 100 enterprise-class SharePoint Intranet, Document Management, Knowledge Management, Records Management and collaboration solutions.  This wealth of implementation knowledge and our expertise in Library Science have afforded us the ability to design a comprehensive SharePoint 2013 data taxonomy.

Most businesses have a common set of content management and collaboration needs to run their day-to-day business operations. These common needs include Human Resources, Employee Services, Information Technology, Finance, Sales, Marketing and so on. The CKS design incorporates all of these common elements, including:

  • Enterprise Data Taxonomy – Content Type Hub
  • Human Resources Department
  • Information Technology Department
  • Technology Project Management
  • Finance Department

This design documentation will provide you with a complete foundation for building a corporate Intranet and save you weeks, if not months, of design and implementation efforts.

Our SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Data Taxonomy (Content Type Hub) Documentation, available in Mindjet’s MindManager and Microsoft Word formats, contains a complete data taxonomy designed to support day-to-day business operations.


  • More than 300 enterprise content type definitions
  • More than 600 enterprise metadata column definitions
  • Managed metadata term set design
  • 300+ page document with detailed implementation information

This is the most comprehensive data taxonomy, specifically for SharePoint 2010/2013, available on the market today and will save you weeks (if not months) of design cost and time.

Includes 2 hours of virtual training.


SPMDA-IPD-HUB SharePoint Enterprise Content Type Hub Design $2,895.00 (us)


If you prefer to purchase by sending us a check, please contact us; we are happy to accommodate your needs.


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